Papa Pilko and the Binrats describe their sound as Voodoo Soul & Alt Country Rock N’ Roll. This label stems from the vast array of sounds that the band produces, which is hard to pin down at the best of times. The band has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s standout live acts.


  "The versatility of the bands sound is incredible – not once moving away from the core image, sound, style and personality of the band. This is definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on." - Meghan Player, Push To Fire.

"Dressed in all black cowboy gear and an array of headgear, the seven piece provide an interesting spectacle, centred on manic frontman Cyrus Pilko. It's hard to tell how much of his face-contorting, hip-swinging, hand-flailing, and sweat-drenched boot-shuffling is part of a character he has created or if it's genuinely how he is, but the singer is one of the most entertaining, charismatic, and brilliantly ridiculous Australian front-men around right now" - Paul McBride, The AU Review.

"There's an exciting and fascinating group of new bands across the country ploughing the furrows of a fantastic blend of country, rock, and blues genres – Graveyard Train and Quarry Mountain Dead Rats to name but two, but Papa Pilko and the Binrats could be the best of them." - The AU Review

“The Papa himself, frontman Cyrus Pilko, is a ball of kinetic energy on stage who is ably supported by his versatile cast of horns, drums, strings and guitars. The band throw themselves into their uniquely Australian country, blues and rock n' roll sound and their performances never drifts from the cowboy-boot-wearing image of bumpkins (in the best possible sense of the word) rockers that they cultivate. This swagger is then injected, like a lively pulse, straight into the audience, leaving them howlin' for more.” – Matthew Watson, Concrete Playground

“Cyrus Pilko’s showmanship as the band’s energetic frontman is completely contagious. With a rustic flair and familiarly pleasant Aussie lilt, Pilko demands the audience’s attention with his tight jeans, booming vocals and theatrics. The Binrats clearly love performing, wielding instruments from the double bass and the banjo to the sax and trombone, switching and swapping frequently.” – Stephanie Tell, The Music

“Papa Pilko And The Binrats revisit a bygone era of swampy, bluesy, downright sleazy rock and roll with aplomb. While much has been made of their rowdy, high-energy hip swinging live performances in the past year, this EP is testament to the precociousness of the country rock revivalists. Howlin’ is truly a testament to the talent of this seven-piece outfit who are on the steady incline to bigger and better things.” ¬– Marrisa Demetriou, Tone Deaf

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