Limpin' Jimmy and the Swingin' Kitten are known throughout Australia for their passion for the 1940’s and 1950’s music scene, lifestyle and dancing

they were paid tribute to in Sydney’s music magazine Drum Media (Now The Music), when one writer described them as “local music scene icons”. Jimmy takes up MC Duties for Stage 1 and the Swingin' Kitten will be DJing.  As two lovers of music from a bygone era, they met and formed a relationship many years ago and in doing so pooled their collective resources of a lifetime of musical appreciation to become a formidable team on the Sydney music scene. With an extensive and ever growing collection of quality music covering rockabilly, jump blues, swing and rock ‘n’ roll, theyhave been DJing at functions and venues around Sydney and many high profile events for many years now. They also teach Rockabilly dancing and maintain an updated website where they outline events and gigs related to the music genres and lifestyle they enjoy.


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