After seven years, thousands of kilometres and innumerable demolished backstage riders, The Johnnys were Australia’s indisputable, rough riding champions of Cowpunk in the 1980s.

Years later and after sporadic returns, the reformed Johnnys are back in the saddle as a three-piece of Graham Hood (bass and vocals), Slim Doherty (guitar) and Billy Pommer Jr (drums). 


The Johnnys formed in Sydney in 1982 when Graham Hood tried out for the Hoodoo Gurus after quitting the Allniters. He met Hoodoo Gurus' guitarist Roddy Ray'da and, Billy Pommer, they formed The Johnnys, playing their first show at Palms Disco on Oxford Street in Sydney.

New Zealand-born Spencer P. Jones joined on guitar and the four-piece released their single "I Think You're Cute" in October on Regular Records. Ray'da left and the band signed with independent label Green Records before joining major imprint Mushroom.

They racked up eight singles and three albums, playing almost every pub and club the length and breadth of Australia and convening an instant party wherever they went.

 The band members went their separate ways in the ‘90s, with Jones most notably powering on with Beasts of Bourbon and as a solo artist before his passing in 2018 from cancer.

 Packed houses for The Johnnys in Australia and New Zealand in the last six months have set the band for regular dates and some tentative recording plans.

The Johnnys Pics by Miranda Douglas


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