At the age of ten, Rockin' Marc Rondeau discovered ROCK AND ROLL - upon finding his mother's copy of Elvis doing "A big Hunk of Love" he literally played it until the record was worn out.

From that day, he has surrounded himself with 1950s music and a 1950s lifestyle  that might be seen as odd or at the least eccentric. The thing is, for him this is normal, it's everyone else who is weird.

With about 30 years of collecting and listening to 1950s music he knows his stuff, so when an opportunity came up to start a club in 1991 he jumped at it. Fast forward to today, he has had a radio show on regional radio, put a fanzine out to over a thousand subscribers, played most of the rockin' music festivals in Australia and has DJed most clubs around Sydney. Being a big fan of Vinyl, DJing with 45s and LPs are the usual format he uses, but he has been known to play a CD or two if there is no alternative. So if you like Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, jump rhythm and blues, surf, doo wop, Western swing or any other 1950s music then you will probably get a kick out of listening to him on the wheels of steel at a venue near you.

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