Appearing On Stage 1: Our Special MYSTERY BAND! - SHIRL HAGGARD & THE BREVILLE DODGERS - Shirl Haggard got her first big break in music with an opening slot on the very first RNR Markets way back in the day, but unbeknownst to the appreciative punters, she was wanted on a string of unsavoury charges & promptly arrested on completion of a blistering set of Country, Swing, Gospel and full tilt rock ‘n’ roll.

Shirl has spent recent years in the insalubrious confines of Silverwater prison where she soon discovered that ‘Breville’ was a verb and quickly set about gathering a supporting cast of delinquents with quick reflexes and a penchant for cheese and corn toasties. They were to become; The Breville Dodgers.

As part of her ongoing community service requirements, she has been granted day release for this momentous occasion.

It may be a while before she's seen on the outside again as age is battering…and to Shirl, the term “Good Behaviour” sounds like an Emo band from the 90’s so she’s bringing her Dodgers with her for one last hootenanny!.

This will be ummmm ‘special’….

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